Logos At Work

Logos that I designed for the Gallows Hill Museum and Theatre , and for the Lost Museum, both on Lynde Street in Salem, MA. The owner, Erik Rodenhiser has been using them on signage and items including T-shirts, sweatshirts and other print items. It’s great to see them being used!

Front window of the  Gallows Hill Museum /Theatre

Front window of the Gallows Hill Museum /Theatre

Front window of  The Lost Museum

Front window of The Lost Museum

The Weight Loss Clinic of the North Shore

Logo design for a new weight loss clinic in Marblehead, MA. The clinic will be run out of a medical office, and is dedicated to delivering compassionate, individualized and comprehensive weight loss services to adults struggling with obesity and weight loss. The logo was designed to have a light and friendly, but professional feel, and appeal primarily to women, without alienating potential male clients.


El'VER' Design

Logo design for a young Nigerian woman who designs custom jewelry, mostly necklaces and bracelets, using semi-precious stones. She wanted a logo that would reflect her heritage, as well as what she does, so we decided to use a cashew apple ( a plant native to Africa, and part of her childhood memories) as the logomark motif, and bright, saturated colors that are common in Nigerian fashion.


Lost Museum Logo

A recently completed logo project for a new Halloween attraction located in the basement of the Gallows Hill Theater on Lynde Street. Opening in October of 2016, the 3,500 square feet experience is one of the largest attractions in Salem.

Engaging Nutrition Logo

A new logo for Engaging Nutrition of Marblehead. Engaging Nutrition is the business ofnutritionist Laina DeLoid, who wanted to branch of of her main brand and logo and add a new logo that would target children's nutrition, which is one of the largest parts of her business,

I took the existing logo, and keeping the green as a base, changed the logomark to a pinwheel, used a more kid-friendly font, and added in bright orange as an accent color.

The original logo

The original logo

The new sub-brand logo

The new sub-brand logo